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(Bradley S., 2,157 days ago)

This is the best spa/place for a massage in Norman. I love the convenience of being able to purchase online.

(Jason R., 2,180 days ago)


(Travis L., 2,187 days ago)

So far, so good! First timer on the internet. Have purchased onsite though previously & the spa is absolutely therapeutic!

(Debra R., 2,193 days ago)

Easy to order, love IHC.

(Joe R., 2,257 days ago)

great like all ways thank you

(Robert M., 2,495 days ago)

I've been to IHC before and absolutely loved it. The gift certificate was quick and easy to buy and IHC itself was great!

(Kelli Y., 2,501 days ago)

IHC. Best massages in town, and now it is so convient to give a gift! Thanks!

(Jason R., 2,920 days ago)

Love it!

(Kayla R., 2,988 days ago)


(Kylie L., 3,326 days ago)

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